Southside Slo-Pitch

Participant Age Range

18 to 65

Participant Gender


Regular Season

April 30th, 2018 to August 9th, 2018


August 11th, 2018 to August 12th, 2018


Southside Slo-Pitch is a recreation team mixed (6/4) slo-pitch league. Our games are played at 4 centrally located diamonds in the City of Edmonton. Our diamonds are Donnan, Maurice Lavallee, Ottewell and Hazeldean.

We have two divisions. Division 1 plays Mon/Wed and Division 2 plays Tues/Thurs. There is no difference in calibre between the two divisions. Teams ump their own games. The season usually starts towards the beginning of May and goes until the beginning of August. Half the season, teams play a doubleheader on one of the two nights of their respective division, the other half of the season the games are split between the two nights.

This year playoffs will be held the weekend of August 12th and 13th out at Centennial Park in Sherwood Park. Saturday we start a 5 game guaranteed round-robin tournament with supplied umpires for the entire weekend. Three of the five games are played on the Saturday, then Sunday is played till we have a winner in each of the 4 breakout divisions.

League fees are $1000. If you require any further information please feel free to email



Point Values

Win is worth 2 points
Loss is worth 0 points
Tie is worth 1 point